Innovative OHLC roof module

Innovative OHLC roof module

This year we presented the Overhead Light Console (OHLC) at Fakuma, an innovative roof lining module. The sustainably designed module saves manufacturers tools and parts in production and thus manufacturing and production costs.

The prototype was developed with the involvement of leading automotive suppliers. Intuitive control allows you to control ambient light, reading light and even a projection via a touch control panel. The sustainable, hygienic and elegantly designed module saves manufacturers a considerable amount of tools and parts in production and thus noticeably reduces manufacturing and production costs. Users benefit from high value, individual functions and unprecedented convenience.

The development of the functional design was pushed forward together. Among other things, Syntech Plastics took over tool development and final production in the clean room; the light system and integrated electronics were contributed by Osram Ams; Leonard Kurz is responsible for the HMI technology including Shy-Tech Design, the capacitive sensor film for the touch operation of all functions is provided by the Kurz subsidiary PolyTC and the CO₂ cleaning process comes from Baier, also a subsidiary of the Kurz Group. The injection moulding machine with integration of decoration and sensor as well as the CO₂ cleaning developed Wittmann Battenfeld, Kurz and Syntech together.
The Overhead Light Console has matrix LED spots for a pleasant reading light, whose size and white tones can be individually adjusted. In addition, the module enables a wide range of welcome and entertainment scenarios in the entire RGB color palette. Thus, with the static or optionally also semidynamic projector in the module, individual motifs can be thrown onto different surfaces in order to transport information, designs or animations. In addition, the light animations integrated into the module and adapted to the design of the decorative surface can be adapted to various driving situations or vehicle interactions.

The light structures in the decor are basically invisible and, for example, only light up when an incoming call is made - and this fits the ambient lighting. In this way, the Overhead Light Console offers numerous possibilities for a personal design of the entire front area in the vehicle interior.

The console has a fully integrated capacitive touch sensor system. The high transparency of the touch sensor system, which, among other things, lies directly above the matrix light and is irradiated by it, so that it can be activated with an intuitive contact of the outlet opening, is particularly noteworthy. With its high integration capability, the Overhead Light Console can also be easily expanded with additional functions such as haptic feedback via a piezo actuator, proof control and hands free for more complex applications.

Because a transparent plastic is used, lighting panels can also be operated directly by touch, because they have transparent and thus invisibly integrated PolyTC sensors. Injection molding sensor integration using functional in-mold labeling and decoration are now implemented in a single step.

The interface eliminates the need for all parts and tools that have previously been required for switches, controllers and wheels. The module surface is applied directly to the housing with built-in lighting technology and all sensor data is fed directly into the on-board IT of the vehicle.

The functionalities of the prototype include, among other things, a reading light with three cone sizes, the control of the interior light according to color and brightness, the projector and various displays. In principle, all functions can be freely assigned, and it is also conceivable to open the sliding roof or rear doors. Control of the module via tablet is also possible.

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